10 Steps to Sequencing a Yoga Class

Thank you for finding me here. I’m sorry that the PDF I mention in the video above is no longer free. In fact, it doesn’t actually exist anymore. It’s outdated. After leading several YTT’s, the yoga class template has been updated and revised. It’s now available in my ebook, seen below. If you just want something for free and got here via my video on YouTube, check out my Yoga Class Map. You can save it and use it to help you build your yoga classes. Keep practicing!   -Ashley

“You just gave us a perfect skeleton for a yoga class. This is so helpful! My yoga teacher training should have including a simple explanation like this.”


“I feel like you taught me more than my 200 hour TT and the 500 HR TT I am currently in, when it comes to sequencing. Fantastic thanks!”


“I am beginning my journey as a yoga instructor and found your video extraordinarily helpful! I’m so much more at ease now about making the classes I’m teaching flow properly, and having the class build to a peak.”

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Ashley’s Yoga Class Creation ebook

Are you a new yoga teacher afraid to get out there and actually teach a yoga class? I want to help simplify the yoga class prep process and get you out there and teaching already! This ebook includes lessons on simple class sequencing, pose breakdowns, and even some fun cueing exercises. It’ll help you gain confidence in your class structure and planning. This downloadable PDF is 103 pages and has been improved (as of 6/18/19) for mobile readability. A New Yoga Teacher’s Guide To Yoga Class Creation was created to help you save time in planning your yoga classes. Less planning, more teaching!

A New Yoga Teacher’s Guide to Yoga Class Creation is for:

  • Dedicated yoga practitioners who want to understand class structure
  • Yoga teachers wanting to create simple and unique sequences for their classes
  • New teachers who have gone through yoga teacher training, but want to better understand sequencing before teaching

You’ll learn:

  • Simple yet creative sequencing
  • 100+ Yoga poses
  • To develop a simple home practice
  • Effective yoga cueing for teachers

Ashes Yoga Academy Online Courses

Teaching yoga can be life-changing. Right?! It’s amazing. It’s fulfilling. If you’re anything like me, you want to teach all the things to to all the people. Here’s where I can help. Current courses include:

  • Sequence a Vinyasa Yoga Class
  • Teach your First Workshop
  • The Confident yogi: A Beginner Course
  • Plan a Yoga Class in Under 1 Hour

    Beachbody On Demand Fitness & Yoga

    Need a fitness program in your life? I've got you! I've been a user of Beachbody's workouts for over 10 years. I use them. I love them. I talk about them. I find that the variety of workouts and supplements are a great compliment to my yoga lifestyle. I love the Beachbody on Demand streaming video option because I can try workouts I never thought I'd do, and I no longer own a DVD player. There's even an amazing "yoga studio" option and loads of videos to help you on your path to optimal health. Check it out! There's a 14 day free trial, but the 1 yr for $99 is really the best option.

    *I am a coach.*

    Contact me for details on how to become a coach on my team.

    Yogi Surprise Subscription Box

    Each month, receive a box brimming with inspiration and beauty curated with love, affection, and commitment to providing you with all the tools you need to support your yogic lifestyle.

      Acuity Scheduling

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      This software is easy to use and great for new yoga studios or new yoga teachers looking to easily book clients, classes and workshops.

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        Tummee.com Sequence Builder

        “At Tummee.com, we firmly believe that yoga teachers can help people live healthier lives and avoid unnecessary suffering in the world. That is the reason why we strive daily to help yoga teachers succeed.”

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