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Welcome to my website. However you landed here, I’m glad you did.

Hi, I’m Ashley. I train new yoga teachers to be able to¬†confidently share yoga with anyone in any environment.

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"At, we firmly believe that yoga teachers can help people live healthier lives and avoid unnecessary suffering in the world. That is the reason why we strive daily to help yoga teachers succeed."

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    I help new yoga teachers and practitioners with self-guided sequencing so they can feel more confident with their lesson planning. My teaching style is challenging yet fun.

    Current class schedule:

    Haselwood YMCA in Silverdale, WA
    Mondays 10-10:45am Vinyasa Yoga

    White Lotus Yoga in Poulsbo, WA (until Aug 15)
    Sundays 10-11:15am Vinyasa Yoga
    Thursdays 7-8pm Vinyasa Yoga

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